According to a French sociologist Michel Maffesoli, underground scenes are communities that fills the gap between the individual and the society. These communities are not based on getting away from the rules and laws. They are rather based on ignoring the norms that the society sets for individual. These kind of communities seems to be very important for individual especially on emotional level.

Maffesoli calls this kind of communities as “neo-tribes” as a methaphor to express that even though these indivisuals in underground scenes seem to tear themselves apart from the mainstream, they also set themselves as a part of a smaller group.

In Finland, the spectrum of underground scenes is wide. The people of these groups want to differ from the idea of “normal”. On the other hand, the safe and wealthy country makes this kind of self-expression possible.

For many, being a part of some kind of underground group is a way to escape. On the outside it appears as an exceptional, even scary armour. Inside of that they feel safe.

(ongoing project)